About this Blog

This blog was established to promote the Glasgow home ed group. The blog is run by an assortment of Mums and Dads from the group, we hope to show the range and depth of activities and interests within our little group.

When we started home-educating our children it was difficult to find out about home-ed in Glasgow. We now have a strengthening community of parents and children who meet up to chat, play and learn together on a regular basis.

The girls helping to fill bird feeders

We are hoping that the blog will stand as an advert to other families considering home-education in Glasgow and to the wider community.



2 thoughts on “About this Blog

  1. Jeanne

    Do you have to be full time educators or do you share lessons with other home educators? Is it possible to work and teach?

  2. Barbara Lee-Paul

    Hi Jeanne!
    We are an unschooling-familiy (in progress) and I would love to meet other families following that path. Are there still meetings on? My children are 15, 14, 11. Not long ago we moved from Vienna to Kintyre, we would be happy to travel to Glasgow to join any activity…
    Let’s see… all the best


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