About our Group

Welcome to our blog, recording the weekly exploits of our group of home educating families based in and around Glasgow.

Although our educational philosophies, families, lifestyles, beliefs and experiences differ, we all have in common that we want to be part of a community of friendship and support (for both parents and children) with other home educating families living near us.  We hope that our weekly meet ups are in aid of this!

We meet every Wednesday afternoon, usually in one of Glasgow’s many parks, giving the children time and space to play and adults the opportunity to talk. In the winter we try to arrange to meet indoors.

Children range in age from newborns to teenagers, and anyone is welcome to join us. We post our meeting plans on Facebook. For more information email Jackie at gillineau at gmail dot com.


19 thoughts on “About our Group

  1. sapnaagarwal

    You need to join as a member of the forum to access the private forum threads. Once you’ve done that you can find us in ‘Groups, Activities and Events’, subsection ‘Scotland Activities’. We try and post up what where we’re planning to meet over the next few weeks. Looking forward to meeting you!

    1. Emma

      I have joined but still can’t find this section. i posted on the Glasgow thread. Can you post a link perhaps? Thanks so much!

  2. gillineau Post author

    Everyone always has trouble joining home-education.biz! I’m really sorry about it. We stick with it because it is public, but has a level of safety regarding the private forums. Please stick with it! We would really like to meet you! Jackie

  3. Lisa

    Hi, I am looking for some advice and support as I have been considering home educating my two children. They are both toddlers but was hoping to do some research on this. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Many thanks, Lisa.

  4. Tye

    Hi, hoping you can help! I have joined the home education forum but cannot seem to find how to get in contact with the Glasgow group. I am currently considering home schooling my daughter (5yrs old) who is due to start school in August. We currently stay in Bothwell but not far from Glasgow and would appreciate if someone could help me get in contact. Many thanks Tyrene

  5. Sarah

    Hi there, I’ve joined the forum but can’t access the Glasgow section. Can anyone help? Thanks!

    1. gillineau Post author

      Hello! It is a common problem that people have with home-education.biz. It is easy to join the site, but hard to figure out how to gain access to the private forums where we post about our weekly meetings. You have to contact the moderator of the site, introduce yourself, and ask permission to join the private forums. If you don’t hear back from the moderator in a few days, keep contacting them every few days until you do get a response from them. It will work eventually, I promise! We post under ‘Activities’, ‘Scotland Activities’. Until you get onto the forums you are welcome to email me at gillineau at gmail. Good luck!

      1. Nitdia

        I’m in the same situation. I sent you and e-mail but will continue writing to the moderator every few days. I have for kids (almost 11, almost 7, 5 and 2) and we are willing to meet more HE families around Edinburgh and/or Glasgow.

  6. Fiona

    Hi, I seem to be having trouble joining too. I am keen to meet up with others with similar ideas. My son is ten, p5 at the moment and is visually impaired. Want to home school for definite for secondary but sooner if possible. Fiona, Motherwell

  7. gillineau Post author

    To update this comment thread, we have abandoned the aforementioned forums, and now post our meeting plans on Facebook. Feel free to email me at the above address.

  8. Debbie Travers

    Hi, I am considering homeschooling my son (7 years). I’m really looking for advice and pros and cons for doing this. If someone could get back to me regarding this it’d be much appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.

  9. Karen Russell

    Hi My name is Karen Russell. I have been thinking of taking my kids ages 10 and 8 out of school and home schooling. It is something that I have thought about for a few years now To say I am overwhelmed is an understatement. I think that is why I have never done it. I was just looking for some advice and ideas of what other home schooling parents do. I was not very academic myself and struggled in school. My 10 year is going through the process of being diagnosed with Autisum. Although he is high functioning and and not disruptive. He is well liked in school and has some good friends. I feel the school environment is just not for him. I feel that with him now being in p6 I don’t know if I have left it too late. Any advice or directions for websites would be appreciated. Or maybe if I could come to one of your meet ups with the kids to see what it’s all about that would be great.

    Thanks Karen Russell.


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