Clay, Comics and Catching Up

This week’s meet was a laid-back affair. The summer jaunts of all our various families have now come to an end so there was much catching up to do. Adults chatted animatedly while children busied themselves with creative endeavours. A tub full of clay became many little creatures

some of which then went on to star in puppet shows while others hid themselves on trees.

Another bunch of children sat around a table and discussed a new comic, helped each other develop their drawing styles and were later joined by a couple of toddlers who were keen to mimic their older companions. img_9202.jpg

Such pleasant hours whisked by too quickly and we were sad to say goodbye when it was time to leave.


2 thoughts on “Clay, Comics and Catching Up

  1. Giovanna

    Hi I am new to this blog. I am considering homeschooling my 7 yo son, who is autistic and the mainstream school is not working for him. Are there any other parents in the group with kids on the spectrum?

  2. sapnaagarwal Post author

    Hello, yes there are children in the group that are on the spectrum. Do come along sometime if you can. Could you email me and I’ll pass on the list of dates and meeting places for the next little while. My email address is


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