Follow My (Tiny) Leader

Last week we had a cold but fun day at Pollok Park. My family was the first to arrive so we busied ourselves with some seasonal foraging while we waited for others to arrive. We found wild garlic, ground elder and cleavers by the river and also some tender, little hawthorn leaves in the woods, perfect for munching on.


Once everyone had arrived some sweet games got underway. For one, the older children decided to play Follow My Leader using the toddlers of the group as their guides. Plenty of wobbly running and tumbling to the ground followed.


We, the adults, did the same in our own way, taking the children’s lead all day. A band struck up in the gazebo, puddles were investigated,

IMG_6682 IMG_6686

and dens made in the nooks made by old trees. A call came from the children in the dens to try and build a fire for their little houses, so they could cook and keep warm. They set to building one using whatever they could find. Old receipts and train tickets made decent tinder and standing dead wood fuelled the fire. Even the tiniest people helped to get it going, their sense of achievement afterwards, immense.

IMG_6689  IMG_6688

And then, of course, the important work of cooking and keeping warm.

IMG_6692  IMG_6694

Once done they put the fire out, being careful to leave no trace, and wandered off deeper into the woods to find more adventures there.


If you home educate in or around Glasgow and would like to come to meets please get in touch by emailing me at


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