A Mild Winter

The winter seems to be flying by. The weather has been mostly mild so our outdoor adventures as a group have been continuing.


Toddlers whittling with potato peelers while an older sibling supervises with her, rather sharper, knife.


A busy cafe at the mud kitchen


The cooperative dangling of younger siblings


Go-karts, tandems and many other wonderful wheels at Free Wheel North

We also managed a short holiday as a group at Comrie Croft youth hostel where, on our first morning, we woke up to snow.


A grubby snow person heavily dotted with rabbit poo!

We did also regularly make use of an indoor space where there were acrobatics and mad antics on stacks of mats, lots of crafting…

img_6108 img_6013

a couple of pot lucks..


and lots and lots of reading.

img_6012 img_6014 img_6015

We’ve got one more week with use of the hall and then we’ll be back to meeting in various parks and green spaces in and around Glasgow. If you’re home educating or are thinking about it and want to join us please get in touch through this Facebook page..




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