foraging with friends

I don’t think it has been mentioned before on the blog that we now have a facebook private group where you can find support or information about our meet ups. If you search for “Glasgow home education group” you should be able to find it. So, one of these days a member mentioned that she would like to learn more about foraging, and I know a few of us can recognize a couple of edible plants that we use often. If we put together all the plants we know, as a collective, surely we would have enough knowledge to share for a day.

That day happen today, I’m sure we’ll repeat this as some people (including the member who was interested!) missed out, and more plants will become available as the season progresses…


We met up in the woods, where the children started making fairy houses.  I’m sure I’ve said it before, but I love this type of play! When they all work together in harmony from their own initiative, with no adult input; five, six or more children with different ages, all working together without any argument, so many positive things here, just from this little activity, and they talk about socialization?!!

Of course, my pictures make no justice to the beauty and details of the children’s work, but my skills and camera can do no more…

Anyway, back to our day, isn’t it funny that spending time outdoors makes one feel tired but refreshed at the same time? Especially when it’s a day spend with friends!













9 thoughts on “foraging with friends

    1. susanacgalli Post author

      Hi! I’ve spoke to the administrators, can you request again and message Katie or Mari? You really have to do this or you want be added as we’re trying to keep the group safe and private. I don’t know if you knnow this about facebook, but the messages that aren’t from your friends go to “other”folder and it might not show up on your profile. I hope that helps!

      1. crookedstitchcrochet

        Yeah I did wonder about it possibly getting lost. It usually shows as having a message request but it’s so easy to miss. I’ll try again. Thanks for replying!

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