Blue skies!

Last week, for the first time in, what felt like, a long time we met outdoors. We were quite a large party. New people had come to meet us and a few families from the Helensburgh/Loch Lomond group joined us too. I was excited to hear that they are planing to meet with us more regularly over the next few months.

The sun was shining and not a rain cloud in sight so we did the usual sunny day things;

IMG_3094 IMG_3084

picnicking and chalking on the paths;


skipping and football;

IMG_3078 IMG_3098

climbing up and playing in the fountain.

Signs of spring were all around. The cherry blossom was about to burst forth, one child saw a bee and we found our first daisy of the year.



Towards the end of the afternoon we all drifted down to the play park



and eventually went home, happily dosed up on vitamin D and eagerly anticipating more long, warm days of fun and adventure.


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