A seasonal variety show

Happy New Year everyone!

We haven’t had a home ed meeting for the last two weeks, we meet on Wednesday, and it just happened that Christmas Eve and New Years Eve it was on a Wednesday. So we agreed to have a break, but before that we had something a little special,  a Seasonal Variety show. Luckily that day was scheduled to the hall where there is a small stage, which was just perfect!

The families that come to the meetings have a wide range of beliefs regarding the holidays and religion, and that was reflected on the show, which is something that I liked. Each family prepared a  little “something” to be shared, and it wasn’t compulsory either. Besides that we had food to share which doesn’t usually happen (though sometimes the children do it any way…).

So, without further ado, I would like to introduce:

The snowy day; (a story that I don’t actually remember, sorry! But I think it was one of Dr Seuss books); a nativity scene with a Christmas song; and a very well improvised dance act.

Not pictured here, there was also a magic “disappearing act”, and a story on “how the humming bird got the red throat”.

I would also like to thank our three technicians for copping with the demands of the public and the artists!





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