Dance workshop

One of the parents in our group is trained in contemporary dance. She recently offered to do a workshop for the children. The littlest children has their session first. Instead of parents helping out, older siblings were invited to work with their younger brothers and sisters.

IMG_2636 IMG_2631

There were action songs, discussion and games.



Then it was time for the older ones to have their turn. They made shapes in response to each other,

IMG_2639 IMG_2648


mimicked each other’s movements and worked together in groups to create small vignettes.

IMG_2627 IMG_2656

It was clear as a spectator that the children all really enjoyed the workshop.



2 thoughts on “Dance workshop

  1. Colette Doran


    I have been following for a while my daughter is only 15 months (almost) and I plan to homeschool her. She is and will probably be an only child. What age do you recommend connecting with other home schooling parents? I feel quite lonely at times as we do go to many groups and no one shares my crunchy mama ideas lol.

    Kind regards

    Colette Doran

    1. susanacgalli

      hello Collete!
      The age is really up to you, I started coming my oldest child was nearly two because that’s when we “officially” decided to home ed. i also felt a little out of place in the playgroups I attended before coming to the home ed group. I would say for you to come now, specially since you’re saying you feel lonely sometimes. Your child may not interact much with other children, but at least she will start getting used to all the people; you’ll have someone to talk to; i don’t know about you, but sometimes at that age, I needed a little extra motivation to venture further from our usual places. So for all these reasons, I would say for you to come next week 🙂 You don’t need to bring anything, just your usual stuff when you go out, lunch etc. If you would like to come this week and don’t have access to the forum, let me know and I’ll email you where and what time we’re meeting.

      i hope that helps


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