This year our Halloween celebration was an indoor, crafty affair with lots of food. When we got to the hall we found it well decked out for the occasion.

IMG_2454Foodie activities included making ghost pizzas and decorating fairy cakes.

IMG_2461 IMG_2455

Blood dripped from the ceiling finished this skeleton’s cake off nicely.



Some children made paper bag puppets,

IMG_2462 IMG_2463

IMG_2464which also worked well as masks.


No meet up is complete, however, without a little outdoor, muddy play. A rather beautifully fungal digger was found in the sandpit and the ubiquitous puddle paddled in.

IMG_2457 IMG_2466

We went home throughly sugared up and ready for guising!




2 thoughts on “Halloween

  1. helenm c

    hi, i am looking for help and advice please,i am new to home educ, teaching my girl, i am looking for meeting up with things to do socially, activities,etc, i am in northwest glasgow, can anyone advise? ( i was accepted for home educ in august this year, my girl is now 14yrs,although younger mentally/academically, she has aspergus/autism, only diagnosed in april, i removed her from the high school as she was constantly being bullied,verbally and physically, as was in the 2 previous primary schools,.i showed the head teacher my acceptance to home educ in august, but have had nothing but call after call stating to get my girl back into school!!! all because the head teacher has stated to home education director, that i said to her , i was unable to teach my girl even the basics!!! i did not not say this! so now a meeting is being arranged,by director of home educ, educ psychologist,who has not saw my daughter in 11 years, education psychologist keeps phoning to and saying we should keep our options open to go back into high school!!!! i am in contact with govan law, who advised to go to the meeting, prove myself tht i can teach my daughter, as this whole thing with a meeting is ridiculous, can anyone advise please? ) thank you helen m c

    1. sapnaagarwal Post author

      Hi Helen,
      sounds like you’re having a tough time. I don’t have any experience or expertise to advise you but if you ask on the home ed forum at home-education.biz I’m sure someone will be able to help. Also, have you tried contacting Schoolhouse? They have legal advisers there who can answer most questions.
      With regards to coming along to the group, you’re very welcome to come along. Drop me a line at sapnaagarwal@hotmail.co.uk and I’ll tell you where the next few meet ups are planned for.
      I hope things start to get easier for you all soon.


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