Exploring the senses

A few families in the group have been meeting up once a month, outwith the weekly Wednesdays, for a science club. Parents take it in turn to prepare and lead the sessions. Some parents help facilitate this while others take the toddlers and babies off for their own adventures somewhere nearby.

Our most recent Science Club focused on the senses and was a brilliantly hands-on exploration of the five senses. A number of stations were set up around the hall. One investigated smell.








A number of strong smelling substances were laid out and, once blindfolded, the children were asked to give them a sniff and try and work out what they were.

The other senses were tested and explained at the other stations. Here are some ‘touch cups’. Black socks hid the contents of the cups, which were to be felt and identified.

touch cups cass, touch


In another touch experiment two paths were marked out on the ground in tape – one straight and the other with lots of turns. The first time they walked either path, the children had their eyes open, the second time one eye was closed and on the third attempt both eyes were closed – so feet were put to use feeling around for the tape. It was interesting to notice how balance is affected by sight.

IMG_2375 IMG_2374


Blindfolded again, the children had to listen to sounds and decide how they were being made. Also at the hearing station was a very simple but effective demonstration of sound vibrations using salt, cling film and a metal tray. More information on that can be found here.

Another blindfold at another table had the children tasting different foods.

Towards the end of the session, some children tried to draw with eyes closed

jamie, write cass, write

and all were sent away with multi-sensory playdough with added cinnamon to smell, glitter and food colouring to please our eyes and chocolate drops for texture (and taste, for those with a penchant for playdough).

jamie, dough



One thought on “Exploring the senses

  1. Saima

    I should have spell checked my comment. I mean I am thinking of homeschooling too and am based in the Southside of Glasgow. I would love to meet up with others. My little one is only 2 just now.


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