Communal Cooking

Last autumn we had a rainy but lovely day in the woods making soup together. We all enjoyed it so much that we decided, once it got cold again, we would repeat the activity. This time the weather was clear and bright.
A work station was cobbled together out of logs and planks found round about and we set to it – chopping, peeling and chatting.
IMG_2317 IMG_2322
Everyone was encouraged to participate regardless of age. A lack of peelers meant we could try out my new trick of peeling vegetables with a teaspoon. It worked a treat!
A cooking station was created in the same manner and another group of children kept an eye on this – adding prepared veg, herbs and spices and, most importantly, stirring the big pot.
IMG_2324 IMG_2323


While the soup bubbled away some of the children took advantage of the rope bridges and swings left up by the outdoor playgroup that had met there before us

IMG_2320 IMG_2319

while others made a fire to boil a kettle on.


The parents took the opportunity to do some much needed catching up and sharing of stories until a pan lid was banged to signal that the food was ready.




We sat round in little groups, on logs or on tarpaulins, conversation dimmed to a mere hum as people ate a hearty meal after which we played and chatted in the afternoon sun until it was time to go home.

IMG_2330 IMG_2331



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