The Conservation Volunteers

Last week we attended an outdoor education/play workshop run by The Conservation Volunteers (TCV). The activities they showed us were very simple yet engaging. Here are a couple…

Wind Streamers

Choose a stick the length of your arm, attach lengths of coloured crepe paper with sellotape and then run about, enjoying the swishing sound and making shapes.


I think I might try this one again and take photos with an SLR camera on a slow shutter speed to maintain the shapes created by the paper.

Survival Essentials

The children were asked what the three essentials for life were. They all pretty much came up with the same answers – food, water and shelter. We were then shown wooden disks with visual representations of these three things on them.


There were about half a dozen of each. The disks were hidden in the surrounding area and the children had to find them, ensuring that they had one of each.

We’re hoping to do another couple of workshops  with TCV. Looking forward to learning more games.


3 thoughts on “The Conservation Volunteers

  1. Fiona

    We absolutely loved this! The streamers were well used on the day and still brought much delight a few days later when we unearthed them and took them out for a twirl in between the showers. Thanks very much for organising, and the fact that Tilly the Children’s Woods dog also attended was a double bonus for this dog-obsessed clan 🙂

  2. Yvonne Laborda

    Hello, I am writing here because we are a Spanish familiy who will be living in Glasgow in a month or so for 2-3 years. We are homeschoolers/unschoolers and would be very interested in knowing about grups near this area. We are also looking for a house. We would appreciate any information. Thank you in advance. Our Children are 9, 8 and 5 years old. Two girls and a boy.


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