Last week we were joined by Dennis, an origami expert. He based himself at a table at one side of the hall and after a short while he was surrounded by a large group of children and adults, all enthralled at his folding.



His creations were beautiful and some of them mind-blowing.


It would be easy to feel intimidated but it soon became apparent that, not only can he do some incredible folding, but he passes on his skills with care, patience and great generosity.


Little sound came from the table and the concentration was palpable. The results were lovely and the sense of achievement great.

many butterfliesursula butterfly

Learning a new skill is invaluable. I think we all hope Dennis will join us again in the future.

At the other side of the room, some of the younger children were being equally creative.

long paintingIMG_1838


Some of them work collectively on this long painting while others made telescopes.



All these endeavours were bookended by some good, old, muddy, outdoor play. We came home feeling very fortunate to be able to spend our days in this way.


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