Our family has been fortunate enough to acquire a generously sized; south facing allotment near Lambhill Stables, in the North of Glasgow, at the end of last year.

For us it is more than just a vegetable growing space, going there has proved to be relaxing, fun and educational.


We are applying Permaculture principles to the project so as part of designing and shaping the land we also observe; let nature take its course and reflect. In Permaculture these steps are considered as integral to a successful design as action.


The children are spotting and identifying insects and flowers around the new pond/bath.


We identified some Comfrey growing on site so we have built a small wall around it and will keep it to make Comfrey Tea – a potent natural plant fertilizer. We also found Coltsfoot growing which is a natural cure for lung complaints and abundant clumps of Nettles which are fantastic for biodiversity (and tea, again) .

We planted lots of wild flower seeds around  as this will  support the butterfly and bee populations over the coming year and help with on site fruit tree pollination.


The smallest of us simply enjoyed mastering the steep climb from the bottom to the top.



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