Riverbank wonders

My eldest daughter brought her camera with us when we ventured on a walk along the river Kelvin recently.

Here are some of the resulting images.


We dubbed this ” the pregnant tree”.


The omnipresent carpets of ivy are so visible and vibrant now.


Very excited to see our first bunch of snowdrops of the year , huddled together in a cosy little micro-climate under a large oak tree.



We tried to figure out whether this little coven could be residence to some local land mammal.



Thought about why the moss may grow on only one side of this tree trunk.SAM_2671


Admired the vibrant tones of this variation of Ivy.


SAM_2673 SAM_2672


Examined the “ancient” stone carvings on the old stone wall. SAM_2680 SAM_2681 SAM_2682


Spied the heron catching a quick, but not quick enough, lunch.SAM_2687 SAM_2688


Saw the beginnings of what will be fragrant and deliciously abundant wild garlic scattered far and wide.

SAM_2696 SAM_2697


Were surprised at a sudden bloom of blossoms adorning a tree.  SAM_2702

And finally, on the dark road home, caught a glimpse of a stealthy fox out on the prowl.



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