A Crafty Session

We’ve been meeting indoors for a few weeks now and it’s going well. Each week, people bring along things to do and increasingly the children explore each other’s activities. It’s been fun to see what sort of thing people bring – everyone has such great ideas – and interesting to see how the children respond to them. The children have played together outdoors for hours over the summer and autumn. They’ve built dens together, made fires together but sitting at a table doing focused work has never really been on the agenda for the group before. No one is obliged to participate but I know my own children have thoroughly enjoyed working with and alongside their home ed friends over the last little while. The most recent brilliant bag of fun included…


…home made salt dough with shape cutters and rolling pins,…


..wax for making candles,….


…yarn and card for making stars and snowflakes, lego,….


…and a box of tape, balsa wood, card, dolly pegs, straws, pipe cleaners, string and glue to make all manner of things such as an elephant…


…a doll, a structure,….


..buildings, a horse box and many more things besides.

Just before it was time to go the children ran races and played What’s The Time Mr. Wolf in the yard outside.



One thought on “A Crafty Session

  1. gillineau

    My girls have really enjoyed working with their friends indoors as well. I think it has been a good opportunity for the children to develop their friendships in a different way. Of course we’ll be looking forward to the woods and fields in spring too.


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