Sensory Walk

Woodlands Community Garden organised a series of events for children for the half term holiday. We took advantage of as many of these as we could. One of them was a sensory walk along the Forth and Clyde Canal. Word had got round the local home ed community so there was quite a group of us there.

The first task involved looking closely. Each child was given a white paper pallet with double-sided tape on and had to blindly choose a coloured disc from a bag.

IMG_0940 IMG_0943

The challenge then was to find natural objects that matched the disc.


Next we worked with sound. Each child delved into a sparkly bag and pulled out a ‘listening stone’. We had to hold our stones, be silent and listen for sounds for five minutes or so. At first it was hard to hear anything over the aeroplane overhead and the nearby main road but after a couple of minute’s silence it was possible to discern bird song and leaves rustling.

Then the touch boxes came out. The children worked in groups, each group with their own ‘touch box’. Each group was given two adjectives relating to touch, such as hairy, rough, smooth, prickly, and had to find objects that fitted that description.

IMG_0950 IMG_0949

The other groups then had to guess the words by feeling the objects.


The final sense we used was smell. Sarah, our walk leader, told us a tale about a mean giant that needed to be sedated by a foul smelling potion. Each child was given a cup and set to work sniffing out odorous plants.

IMG_0955 IMG_0956

Once the potions had ben thoroughly mashed and bashed they were poured over a wall into the giant’s hideout.

The activities throughout the walk were really engaging but so simple. We will definitely try doing them again.

I was a little disappointed at not having used our sense of taste on the walk so my family returned to the canal a few days later and picked rose hips which we made into a delicious syrup for warding away winter colds.


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