Apple Day

For the last three years we’ve been meeting with an outdoor playgroup every week. it’s called Nurture in Nature and was set up using permaculture principles. We met at the Botanics a couple of weeks ago. This coincided with the Children’s Garden Apple Day. There were baskets of apples strewn about the garden, many of them heritage varieties. They were there for eating as they were but we were also invited to put them into some intriguing tools.

twiddling twiddled

The apple ‘twiddler’ clamps an apple in place next to a blade. The handle is turned and the apple twiddled into a spiral.

We also had chance to make some apple juice. First the apples had to be ground. Two people had to hold the grinder in place over a barrel, one person was needed to pour in and agitate the apples and another to turn the handle that rotated some sharp teeth at the bottom of the hopper.


When the barrel was full of ground apples the pressing could begin.

presser aavo juicing

Sweet apple juice collected in a rim at the bottom of the barrel. That was shared round and the colourful, leftover mush was dropped into the compost bin.

mushAfter all that hard work we settled down to one of Wendy’s wonderful stories in the willow tunnel about a wee red house with no windows or doors and a star in the middle…


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