Outdoor Cooking

Last week we met in North Kelvin Meadows, hoping to have a fire. It had been very wet the day before so one of the parents found a wooden pallet to burn. He, together with some children broke it up into shavings, kindling and big chunks to make a very respectable wood pile.

wood pile start of fire

A few of us had brought along some fruit (much of it foraged) to stew so, once the fire got going, the peeling, coring and chopping began.

fruit prep tea jar

It was thirsty work but luckily someone had brought a flask of tea which was served up in whatever vessels we could find. Once the pot was full a game of Duck-Duck-Goose commenced to keep people busy while the fire heated up.

fruit pot duckduckgoose

We had made the fire pit into a keyhole shape so that wood could be burned at one end and charcoal at the other. As soon as the coals were glowing enough, the fruit was put on and the homemade two-sieves-popcorn-maker was brought out.

fire shape  popping corn

It wasn’t long before there were all sorts of delicacies being heated up and cooked – baked beans, spelt flatbread, toasted almonds, fruit stew, and dough twists.

'kitchen' dough twists

Food cooked over a fire always tastes so good. We all indulged and came back for second and third helpings.

olly eating rosetta eating

Plates and bowls were emptied in no time. Then some of the children made for the treehouse while others pottered about the meadow finding interesting things, chatting and playing games.

treehouse burnt paper


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