Music Workshop

Quavers Music  is an innovative music course for children. We had the good fortune to be offered a taster session so we jumped at the chance. The wonderful people at Woodlands Community Garden kindly let us use their hub for the workshop which was led by Kirsty Hamilton. Kirsty was very engaging and the children warmed to her immediately. After initial spoken and musical introductions, she gave each child a set of percussion instruments to use.

instruments  triangle


The group talked about how best to achieve a satisfying sound and played around with rhythm, tempo and volume.




Next the ‘family’ of notes was introduced including Crotchet, the mother and four little semi-quaver babies. Kirsty then led the group in creating a narrative using all the concepts covered.

story flying

This story became a piece of percussive music that the children all played on instruments of their choice. A collaborative song brought the session to a close. My own children are still talking about how much they enjoyed the workshop. Hopefully we’ll be able to do more in the future.




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