Around the Friendship Tree

There was so much happening at our last meet-up. A new family joined us as did a very beautiful, two week old baby. We met in Queens Park and found a lovely spot from which to base ourselves. To one side there was a huge tree that the children dubbed ‘ The Friendship Tree’

friendship tree Its roots and gnarly crevices were ideal for making a magic potion in. Some of the older girls found ripe raspberries growing nearby. After filling up on them, any extra were throw into the potion. Another cluster of trees proved great for climbing. A sling was slung from a high branch making a fantastic, hammock-esque swing.

sling swing


One of the children found a tiny frog while others blew bubbles to the background sound of animated adult conversation, helping the friendships between parents deepen.

frog bubbles

After a while some of the younger children grew tired so settled down to a story. Gradually more and more children joined them making a very peaceful end to a quietly productive day.

story storytime


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