Farriers, a picnic and new friends

This week we went to Pollok Park to see the farriers put new shoes on the Clydesdale horses. farriers at work

It was really interesting to watch though the smell of burning horse hair was a little overwhelming at times. We had chosen to go there because we knew another home ed group, based in Pollokshields, was intending to be there. It was lovely to meet them and we all hope to meet up again soon. After the horses had been shod we headed over to the river for a picnic

picnic pollokbikes pollok

I was impressed to discover that some of our other new friends from the Steiner School had cycled all the way over from the West End. The sun shone for us all day and we soon had a grand collection of bikes and children of all ages – playing games, making chalk drawings on the path and some just studying the life in the grass close up.

sketching yellow girls993775_10151443341595583_186885871_n


3 thoughts on “Farriers, a picnic and new friends

  1. Mandy

    Hi there, I heard of you from my friend Khadija who I’m sure was with you that day too. Myself and two daughters would also like to meet up one Wednesday with you too as I believe you meet up in parks pn Wednesdays? ..we are new to home education and excited about the possibilities.

    Take care

    1. sapnaagarwal Post author

      do come and join us if you can. We arrange our meetings on the web forum http://www.home-education.biz. I’m going away for a few weeks so am not in the loop about where the next few meet-ups are going to be but have a look on the forum. It’ll be nice to meet you. And to see Khadija again.

    2. gillineau

      Hello Mandy,

      Yes, please do come and meet with us, some time soon, when you can. If you have trouble with the forums, you can email me at gillineau(at)gmail. I lost my phone that had Khadija’s number on it! Please tell her that we’d like to see her again.



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