Sunshine Paper Walk

We recently went on another nature walk with Helen, our biodiversity expert from the Woodlands Community Garden.

sunshine paper walk tree 2

We walked from the gardens to Kelvingrove Park, taking in an old, fallen tree en route. In the park we collected objects to use to make sunshine paper images.

making sunshine images

Objects were carefully arranged on the sunshine paper then we sat back and willed the sun to shine. After 15 minutes or so the images were ‘developed’ in water…

processing sunshine paper

..and hung up to dry.

sunshine paper pics


3 thoughts on “Sunshine Paper Walk

  1. Aisha

    Hi, amazing to see that there are other homeschoolers in Glasgow. I am based in the southside (pollokshields) and am a member of a group of 7 homeschooling families. We went to the science centre last week and the lady at the desk casually mentioned that other homeschooling groups did come in. I wondered how on earth will I find them. Really look forward to meeting up with you at some point.

    1. sapnaagarwal Post author

      Hi, nice to hear from you. Some of the families in our group live in the southside too. What sort of ages are the children i your group? Ours are all aged from birth to about 9 years but we occasionally have older children come along too. We all met and continue to arrange our meetings on the web forum at Whereabouts do you meet? When? It’d be great for the two groups to get together sometime. Looking forward to meeting you!Sapna

      > Date: Wed, 24 Apr 2013 06:40:46 +0000 > To: >

      1. Saima


        I have a two year old and ma lap thinking of homeschooling. I can’t quite my head around the forum. When and where is the next meeting up place?

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