Glasgow Home Education

We are a group of home educating families based in and around Glasgow. Although our educational philosophies differ, we all want to be part of a community of friendship and support – for both parents and children. We meet every Wednesday, though sometimes more often, usually in one of Glasgow’s many parks, giving the children time and space to play and adults opportunities to talk. In the cold winter we do workshops at local museums and art galleries but with plenty of time to play and chat before and after. Children range from birth to ten years but anyone at any age is welcome to join us. We meet and continue to arrange our meetings on the web forum at .



6 thoughts on “Glasgow Home Education

  1. Lee Brown

    Hi, My daughter is having trouble settling in at school and I would very much like to home educate but would love some advice about this. I would be really interested in coming to one of your meetings you hold on a wednesday to find out more about home education and see if this would be good for us.

    1. gillineau Post author

      Hello Lee,

      You’d be most welcome. We post about upcoming meetings at in the private forums section under Scotland Activites. You are welcome to email me at gillineau(at)gmail too.

      All the best,

  2. olivia

    My name is Olivia and I have just registered with Home Education. I’d like to find where you post your upcoming meetings and events! I have a boy of 3 and a half years old whom I started to educate and I have no doubts this is the best Path in his case.

    1. gillineau Post author

      Hello Olivia,

      Thanks for your comment. Who did you register with? We post about upcoming meetings at in the private forums section under Scotland Activites. Thus can be tricky to navigate. If you find it so, leave another comment or search around the blog comments where personal emails have been left so you can contact one of us directly.

      All the best,

  3. kate davenport

    Hi my daughter bella who is 8 on august 11th is just not happy at school.she has been like this since p1 and it makes her very anxious and stressed having to go there everyday..l really want to home school her and would love to attend your groups with can l get in contact with you guys for info??


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